Diving in Bonaire means three things: easy shore diving, friendly people, and a strong diving infrastructure. We have over 60 dive sites all easily accessible by shore, placing our island number one on the ‘Top 10 Shore Diving Destinations’ list. Just take a look at the slogan on our license plates “Diver’s Paradise” and you have a pretty good idea what’s in store for you. Bonaire is referred to the shore diving capital of the world for a reason! Let Beyond the Corals guide you through all the ins and outs when it comes to the best time to go diving on Bonaire!

When is the best time to visit Bonaire for diving?

Bonaire’s dry season lasts from about April to November. During these months, the island will be very dry and sunny, experiencing practically no rain at all. Sea conditions remain steady and calm throughout the season with sea temperatures at 84°F (29°C).  September is considered the hottest month on the island with an average temperature of 86°F/ 30°C. From December to March, you can expect approximately 22 inches (59 cm) of annual rainfall and a brief daily downpour to the island. The Bonaire water temperature is still just slightly cooler in or out of the water.  Bonaire has an average daily temperature year round of 82°f /27°c.

Does Bonaire get hurricanes?

Bonaire enjoys great temperatures and sunshine year-round, but this is not the only wonderful thing about the island.  Another great advantage is that it is located outside of the hurricane belt. Positioned off the coast of Venezuela in the South of the Caribbean, Bonaire is not affected by hurricanes, meaning there is no bad time to dive here.

How do I get around the island with my dive gear?

Most visitors staying on the island, especially scuba divers, rent a vehicle. There are a number of both local and international rental car companies in Bonaire and our team is happy to assist you with making the proper arrangements.

Most rental vehicles are equipped to carry scuba tanks, and the most common rentals are pick-up trucks. Bonaire is an island that independent divers and water enthusiasts can really enjoy. The tourism is low key and geared towards those that love the water. Get a rental car or truck, pick up some dive tanks from our 5* PADI Dive Center and dive on your own schedule. A great time guaranteed!

So, the best time to do go diving on Bonaire is…

When it comes down to it, any time is the best time to dive in Bonaire. The marine life is unchanged between seasons. Diving on Bonaire is easy and predictable, and not too deep (less than 70ft). There are not a lot of currents, nothing big in the water to bite you, and the dive sites are well marked. You can feel comfortable in the knowledge that you’ll experience great diving during any month of the year! For more information on diving on Bonaire, feel free to contact us or take a look at our dive specials.