Bonaire has more than 60 established dive locations. Beyond the Corals can show you the most beautiful dive spots and take you out for a shore dive experience that you will never forget. We offer professional guides and we also dive in small groups (with a maximum of four people). Thus, we can give everybody the attention they need! The selection of the dive sites is based on the specific desired criteria and experience level of the customer as well as weather conditions.

Shore diving

Bonaire is famous worldwide because of the many different shore dive opportunities, including beautiful reefs and multiple coral gardens in close proximity to the shore. Although the dive sites are very close to each other, there is a distinct uniqueness to each dive site with varied marine life and different coral reefs. Every dive site is unique!

Boat dives

Although Bonaire is very famous for its shore dives, there are also some dive sites only accessible by boat, for example Klein Bonaire. Beyond the Corals can charter a private boat so that you can explore and dive Klein Bonaire.

Night diving

Night diving is a special experience because it requires a different level of skills, and also offers a unique diving experience. Dive sites can look very different during the night, including special aquatic life and its many bright colors.

Ostracod Night Dive

EA few nights after every full moon, (male) ostracods give a lightshow under water. This florescent light attracts female ostracods. You can only see this tiny marine organism with its bioluminescence in the dark. It’s a spectacular phenomenon, one you can’t miss!

Cruise Ship Package

Exclusively for cruise ship passengers with previous diving experience, we offer a special diving package which includes all you need for an awesome diving experience, namely: dive equipment, transportation, a PADI professional SCUBA guide, and food and drinks. Even for beginners who have never dived before, but excited to try, we offer a quick and easy introduction to SCUBA diving, with a program called Discover Scuba Dive” (DSD). DSD introduces beginners to the underwater world, and all that it has to offer.