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Boat Diver

2-tank Boat Dive

Open Water Diver

Guided Dive

Besides worldclass scuba diving, there are also many other fun activities that you can partake in on dushi Bonaire! To give you some tips on what else to do when you are not diving, we have listed some activities for you:


Bonaire is more known for its rocky coastline, however there are some beautiful beaches to enjoy the sun and see the marine life while snorkelling.

  • Te Amo Beach and Donkey Beach are both located near the airport. They both have multiple options for lunch because of the different food trucks located next to the beaches. Swimming and snorkelling at these beaches is very popular.
  • For an idyllic beach picture, a visit to Pink Beach is a must with it’s beautiful palm trees. A perfect place to watch the sunset on Bonaire.
  • Or visit the beaches of Klein Bonaire, the uninhabited small island, to spend the day away from the main island. These beaches can only be reached by the boat. Please keep in mind that you have to bring your own water, food and sunscreen, since there are no facilities on Klein Bonaire. Snorkelling and swimming among this beautiful island makes the trip worth!

Explore Nature on Bonaire

If you want to explore Bonaire on the surface, there are plenty of activities for when you have a day off from scuba diving.

Cave tour

There are an estimated 400 caves and caverns on Bonaire. For your own safety as well as the preservation of the caves, it is highly recommended to go with an experienced guide. You will get an insight into the geographical history of Bonaire and our deep connection to corals. There are both wet and dry caves. This means in some of them, you’ll have the opportunity to explore them further by snorkelling.

Washington Slagbaai National Park (WSNP)

WSNP is our on land national park that can be explored solely by 4×4 vehicles such as jeeps or pick up trucks. For the entrance of the WSNP you can use your STINAPA Nature Fee. During your trip in the WSNP you can enjoy beautiful beaches and explore underwater while snorkelling, visit impressive blow holes and the Boka Slagbaai plantation house.

Mangrove kayak tour

Bonaire hosts one of the most well-preserved mangrove forests in the Caribbean. While kayaking you can visit these mangrove forests and snorkel through a mangrove channel. These mangroves provide a vital habitat for sea creatures, such as rays, lobsters and seahorses.

Donkey Sanctuary

In a 5 minute drive from the Beyond The Corals, you can find the Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire. At the sanctuary, you can learn more about donkeys on Bonaire, pet them and they have a shop with some cool souvenirs.

Boat Trips

The beautiful waters of Bonaire can also be explored by boat. You can either book a boat dive, join a sunset tour or book a fishing trip. With a fishing trip, you can attempt to catch the local hunters, while many sunset tours offer the opportunity to sail along the coast on a boat while enjoying a nicely prepared dinner.

Surfing / Sailing

Bonaire is the perfect island for surfing or sailing due to the consistent winds. There are several options available to you:


On the east coast of the island you will find the shallow waters of Lac Bay. This is the perfect spot for windsurfing with the steady winds from the east and easy accessible water from the beach. Rentals are available on site, if you like to give it a try!


In the south, there is a beach called Atlantis (same as the dive site), where the kitesurf area is located. Kitesurfing in this area is available for all experience levels. You can visit one of their rental locations or schools to learn more about kitesurfing on Bonaire.

Land Sailing

Want to spend a trilling day out of the water? Then land sailing is something for you! Located on the east side of Bonaire, with lots of wind, you can enjoy this unique experience. All training is provided and it is simple to learn even for beginners.

Discover the past

Terramar Museum

Discover 7,000 years of Caribbean history with a visit to Terramar Museum. Uncover the rich history of Bonaire and the wider Caribbean region through stunning exhibits, fascinating artifacts, 3D reconstructions, and interactive experiences. From the earliest Amerindian settlers to the age of exploration and the colonial era, Terramar Museum will take you on a journey like no other.

Scenic South and North Route 

To make the most of your trip to Bonaire, we highly recommend renting a car. With a car at your disposal, you can take a scenic drive along the island’s north or south side (or both!). In the north, you can follow the Queen’s Highway to reach the 1000 Steps and one of our favorite dive sites, Karpata. You can also visit the Goto Lake before heading back to Kralendijk via the charming little town of Rincon. Down south, you can drive to the Salt Pier, see the stunning salt flats, and then continue to the white and red slave huts to learn more about Bonaire’s history. Don’t miss out on the chance to see everything this beautiful island has to offer!