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Welcome to Beyond the Corals

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About us

We are a PADI Five Star Dive Resort situated on the beautiful, Caribbean island of Bonaire. The island is known for its world class shore diving in one of the world’s oldest marine reserves. As STINAPA Reef Rangers we know all about the Bonaire National Marine Park and will be happy to share our knowledge with you through thorough dive briefings as well as through on land presentations open to all. Beyond The Corals isn’t just your average dive centre, we go above and beyond! We have a highly trained team capable of teaching in multiple languages. Whilst diving with us, you will be able to use our excellently maintained rental equipment and dive computers. Skill practice is done in our three-tiered onsite training pool, making it ideal training conditions for easy learning. After diving with us, you are welcome to grab a drink or a post dive meal at our on site restaurant. We are committed to sustainable diving practices and protecting the delicate ecosystem that we explore with you.

The resort offers a variety of courses for all levels of divers, from introductory dives, to specialties, to pro level certifications. Our experienced instructors are dedicated to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a relaxing getaway or an adventure-filled vacation, Beyond The Corals has something great for everyone in store. Our knowledgeable dive guides will happily show you the best dive sites Bonaire has to offer. Join us for our two-tank guided dives, an ostracod night dive or a two-tank dive trip to Klein Bonaire! Let us take care of navigation for you and we can point out all the coolest marine creatures in the meantime.

Meet the team

PADI Dive instructor - Beyond the Corals Bonaire


Specialty Instructor

Favourite course to teach: Discover Scuba Diving
Favourite dive site: Bachelor’s Beach

PADI Dive instructor - Beyond the Corals Bonaire


Specialty Instructor

Favourite course to teach: Open Water Diver
Favourite dive site: Invisibles

PADI Dive instructor - Beyond the Corals Bonaire


IDC Staff Instructor

Favourite course to teach: Rescue Diver
Favourite dive site: Red Slave

PADI Dive instructor - Beyond the Corals Bonaire


Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Favourite course to teach: Fish Identification Specialty
Favourite dive site: Karpata

PADI Dive instructor - Beyond the Corals Bonaire


Specialty Instructor

Favourite course to teach: Reef Renewal Specialty
Favourite dive site: Bachelor’s Beach

PADI Dive instructor - Beyond the Corals Bonaire


Master Instructor

Favourite course to teach: Divemaster
Favourite dive site: Hilma Hooker

We are STINAPA reef rangers & Green Fins Digital Member

Diving with Beyond The Corals is diving with a dive center that is a proud Green Fins partner and where all staff are STINAPA Reef Rangers! Let us first introduce you to Green Fins. This initiative is a proven conservation management approach implemented by The Reef-World Foundation that aims to educate, inspire, and empower the people who live with and rely on coral reefs to protect these ocean world treasures through environmentally friendly guidelines. Furthermore, as STINAPA Reef Rangers, our staff has received in depth training of our local environment and the Bonaire National Marine Park in which we operate. By diving with Beyond The Corals, you help safeguard Bonaire as a sustainable diving operation for many generations to come. As a team of conscious and aware divers, our unwavering commitment is to be an active part of the front line of ocean conservation. Therefore, we make sure we apply environmentally sustainable and responsible practices on a daily basis to ensure we reduce as many threats as we can in these valuable ecosystems. Thus, our divers can trust that our dive center prioritizes the long-term health of these marine ecosystems by promoting and applying sustainable reef-based practices.

Green FINS partner - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

What we do at Beyond The Corals?

  • We are proud Green Fins and STINAPA Reef Rangers and have been trained accordingly.
  • We adhere to the STINAPA mandated rule that every diver should first go on a guided orientation dive with a dive center. This allows us to tell you all about the do’s and don’ts of shore diving, our marine national park rules and allows us to assess your comfort and buoyancy in water.
  • We are passionate about local coral restoration efforts and help out by taking care of our Reef Renewal coral nursery at our housereef, Bachelor’s Beach.
  • We are actively involved in the removal of the invasive Lionfish, which we keep under control here on Bonaire.
  • We have implemented a waste system to help us separate our operation’s trash to promote recycling and to prevent these items from ending up in nature.
  • We offer free, cold drinking water to all our guests wanting to fill up their reusable water bottles.

What can you do?

  • Choose a dive operator such as Beyond The Corals, that actively participates in conservation efforts by being Green Fins members and STINAPA Reef Rangers.
  • Use reefsafe sunscreen.
  • Use a reusable water bottle (tap water in Bonaire is perfectly safe todrink).
  • Bring your batteries home with you as they can’t be recycled on island.
  • Practice good buoyancy to safeguard our corals.
  • Invest in further training through the PADI Peak Performance specialty when in need of a refresher.
  • Join the local conservation cause by becoming a PADI Reef Renewal Diver or a Lionfish Hunter.
PADI 5 Star Dive Center - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Our Mission Statement

What’s in a name, in our case everything. When you dive or stay with us that is when you will realize that we go above and Beyond to accommodate, educate and communicate our passion for all things ocean related. Our values are interwoven within our name.


B – Our experience and diverse back grounds allow us to provide a tailor made service that goes Beyond expectations.

E – Exploration and Excellence, we pride ourselves in continually honing our skills and maintaining a standard that sets us apart from the crowd.

Y – Years of operation and experience we have managed to differentiate, adapt and define our service to meet all expectations.

O – We strive to Organise every experience with us to be a unique and memorable event.

N – Nature conservation is of utmost importance to us and can be felt in every interaction with our organization.

D – Due diligence when it comes to our involvement in caring for the marine park.


T – Teaching, not only PADI courses but marine conservation-minded programs help differentiate us.

H – Our Hospitality knows no bounds, and everyone is encouraged to benefit from our renowned service.

E – Emphasis on our role as marine ambassadors – we interact and conduct our daily operations with a conservation and preservation mindset.


C – We Conduct ourselves in such a way that every person feels valued and appreciated.

O – We posses a very Optimistic and can-do attitude that is visible from the moment you arrive at our locations.

R – Responsibility to our cause is one of our fundamental values and we strive every day to improve and refine our purpose.

A – Awareness and implementation of new methods and practices regarding all aspects of the organization allow BTC to continually progress and evolve.

L – Linking our passion and responsibility into our daily activities encourages us to strive for excellence in all aspects of our operations.

S – Seeing is believing, so find out for yourself what is Beyond our name.

Rightfully so, a 5* dive center.

From the first contact by email (PADI Open Water Diving with e-learning) to the last guided dive, I had a good feeling about Beyond The Corals. With every dive, both during the course and the extra guided dives, in addition to a friendly and personal approach, you can experience a professional attitude towards safety and nature conservation. I fully trusted the capabilities of the employees and the rental equipment.

On my next visit to Bonaire, I will again choose for Beyond The Corals, both for a PADI course and additional dives. Thank you very much for the wonderful hours underwater.

The equipment is very well maintained and of high quality. Out of all courses, this one is the best! Thank you!!

I obtained my divemaster degree at Beyond The Corals. The keyword of this company is 'beyond'! You don't just dive, but Beyond The Corals always offers something extra. They are for example committed to the rehabilitation of the corals. You don't just learn to dive, but the tricks of the trade in 101 ways, always with a quip or a wink and tailored to the guest. You don't just stay there, you are a true guest.

A totally fabulous experience!

I very much enjoyed being part of the family at Beyond The Corals. Every one of the team is so helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and patient. But this is more than a Dive Centre. The whole team is passionate about not just protecting the coral but also rebuilding the reef around Bonaire. I completed my PADI Reef Renewal specialist course here. Expertly delivered by the instructors, I was taught how to get hands-on experience regenerating the damaged coral. I even outplanted my own piece of new reef - what a feeling of achievement! So, don't just go diving, go to Beyond the Corals and help rebuild the reef. Thanks to the lovely team - I'll be back!