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PADI Discover Scuba Diving - Beyond The Corals Bonaire

Discover Scuba Diving

PADI Open Water Diver - Beyond The Corals Bonaire

Open Water Diver

PADI Reef Renewal Diver - Beyond The Corals Bonaire

Reef Renewal Diver

PADI Orientation Dive - Beyond The Corals Bonaire

Orientation Dive

Discover Scuba Diving - Beyond The Corals Bonaire

Discover Scuba Diving

Open Water Diver - Beyond The Corals Bonaire

Open Water Diver

Reef Renewal Diver - Beyond The Corals Bonaire

Reef Renewal Diver

Orientation Dive - Beyond The Corals Bonaire

Orientation Dive

Welcome to Beyond The Corals!

Whether you want to try scuba diving, get certified, improve your diving skills or are looking for a new dive adventure, at our PADI Five Star Dive Resort you can do it all! Our team of highly skilled and experienced instructors provide you with a safe and enjoyable diving experience. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced diver, we have courses and dive packages to suit your needs. Come dive with us and discover the wonders of the underwater world!

Located in one of the most beautiful diving destinations in the world and the shore diving capital of the world, our dive center offers something for everyone to explore underwater. From vibrant coral reefs to unique marine life, there is something for everyone! At Beyond The Corals, we are committed to protecting the marine environment and promoting sustainable diving practices. Therefore, we have set up different programs that you can join to help us preserve the natural beauty of our oceans. Read more about our mission.

PADI 5 Star Dive Resort - Beyond the Corals Bonaire
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PADI Courses

Looking to discover the amazing world of scuba diving? Our team offers a fantastic Discover Scuba Diving experience where you can take your first breath underwater and experience a real dive at our house reef. For those looking to become certified divers, we provide a 2.5 day PADI Open Water Diver Course that includes skill practice in the pool and four ocean dives. PADI is the largest scuba training organization and recognized all over the world. Already certified? That’s fantastic! We offer a range of continuing dive education opportunities, such as the Advanced Open Water Diver CourseRescue Diver CourseDivemaster and Assistant Instructor programs.

PADI Discover Scuba Diving - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Discover Scuba Diving

PADI Open Water Diver - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Open Water Diver

PADI Advanced Open Water - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Advanced Open Water

PADI Emergency First Response - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Emergency First Response

PADI Rescue Diver Course - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Rescue Diver Course

PADI Professional Divemaster - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Professional Divemaster

PADI Specialties

We are not your average dive resort! Not only do we offer your favourite PADI Specialties like Deep DiverEnriched Air Diver, and Fish Identification, but we offer a few distinctive specialties. Lionfish Hunter DiverReef Renewal Diver and our very own Sea Turtle Ecology and Research Diver are all distinctive specialties unique to Bonaire! By taking these courses, you can participate in local conservation efforts by containing invasive species, restoring coral reefs and improving your knowledge of sea turtle conservation. As a proud Green Fins member, we recognize our role in marine tourism and our responsibility to protect our marine environment. Remember, all these specialties can count towards your rating as a Master Scuba Diver.

PADI Buoyancy Specialty - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Buoyancy Specialty

PADI Enriched Air - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Enriched Air

PADI Fish Identification - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Fish Identification

PADI Reef Renewal Diver - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Reef Renewal Diver

PADI Lionfish Hunter - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Lionfish Hunter

PADI Deep Diver - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Deep diver

Guided Dives & Gear Rental

If you want to explore Bonaire’s 60+ established dive sites, we can take you out for a Bonaire scuba diving experience that goes beyond expectations. We organize guided dives that are unique and memorable. We dive only in small groups, so we can give everybody the attention they deserve. We rent high quality diving and snorkelling gear, as well as provide multiple air tank and gear packages for all divers. If you want to explore the island by yourself after your orientation dive, our team is here to help you with your gear and/or tanks to ensure you are safe and ready to go diving!

PADI Orientation Dive - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Orientation Dive

PADI Guided 2-tank Dives - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Guided 2-tank Dives

PADI Ostracod Night Dives - Beyond the Corals Bonaire

Ostracod Night Dives

Rightfully so, a 5* dive center.

From the first contact by email (PADI Open Water Diving with e-learning) to the last guided dive, I had a good feeling about Beyond The Corals. With every dive, both during the course and the extra guided dives, in addition to a friendly and personal approach, you can experience a professional attitude towards safety and nature conservation. I fully trusted the capabilities of the employees and the rental equipment.

On my next visit to Bonaire, I will again choose for Beyond The Corals, both for a PADI course and additional dives. Thank you very much for the wonderful hours underwater.

The equipment is very well maintained and of high quality. Out of all courses, this one is the best! Thank you!!

I obtained my divemaster degree at Beyond The Corals. The keyword of this company is 'beyond'! You don't just dive, but Beyond The Corals always offers something extra. They are for example committed to the rehabilitation of the corals. You don't just learn to dive, but the tricks of the trade in 101 ways, always with a quip or a wink and tailored to the guest. You don't just stay there, you are a true guest.

A totally fabulous experience!

I very much enjoyed being part of the family at Beyond The Corals. Every one of the team is so helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and patient. But this is more than a Dive Centre. The whole team is passionate about not just protecting the coral but also rebuilding the reef around Bonaire. I completed my PADI Reef Renewal specialist course here. Expertly delivered by the instructors, I was taught how to get hands-on experience regenerating the damaged coral. I even outplanted my own piece of new reef - what a feeling of achievement! So, don't just go diving, go to Beyond the Corals and help rebuild the reef. Thanks to the lovely team - I'll be back!